Gurux Device Editor helps you to make changes needed to parameters
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If you've got diverse metering environment, it is very highly likely that the parameters differ. Like for temperature, one device uses parameter TEMP, and another parameter TEMPERAT. You can make the changes needed to parameters, with Gurux Device Editor.

Registers of the physical device include measurable quantities, such as, for example, temperature, electric currency, or moisture. All these registers have characteristics, and they are presented as GXProperties in Gurux Device Editor. GXProperties can be grouped in GXCategories or arranged as GXTables.

Categories and / or tables are then used to organize, which properties are read, and / or written, and how it is done. In addition to this, a device profile also contains information about protocols, settings and messages, understood by the physical device, in order to enable it to communicate with a PC. With Gurux Device Editor you can create and modify device profiles of any physical device.

These pieces of information combined, determine the device profile, which is saved as device template, to be loaded into Gurux Director, or GuruxAMI.

You can create several different templates of the same physical device, according to the needs of different users. For example, you can make two versions; one that only reads values and another, which can also write them. Within Gurux Device Editor you also get an easy-to-use UI editor, with which you can create a unique user interface(s) for your physical device(s).

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